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What is K & N Air Filter?

It is an air filter with a thirty percent better air flow than the average after market paper element. It uses a pleated, oil coated, cotton fabric medium that is washable and warranted for 10 years or 1,600,000km.


Why Use K&N Air Filters? Flow Comparison Chart

  • Save Fuel and Gain Power
    • An engines power output is decided by how much air it can draw into the combustion process. MORE AIR means MORE POWER means BETTER FUEL ECONOMY.
  • Save Money
    • Being rewashable the air filter is a one-off purchase, how many air filters would you have to buy in 1,600,000km???
  • Save the Environment
    • For each K & N filter there are fewer air filters at the tip.

Why Are We Selling K&N Filters?

Our customers tell us of their experiences of use in Australian conditions. After talking performance and fuel economy day in and day out with people all over Australia, you get to hear what is a great product.

How Does A K&N Air Filter Work?

K & N use a pleated, oiled cotton fabric element. Paper elements depend upon microscopic holes to filter, as these become clogged filter efficiency drops. The dirt particles collected on the surface of a K&N element have very little effect on air flow because there are no small holes to clog. Particles are stopped by crisscrossed cotton fibres and held in suspension by the oil. This results in a 30% better flow rate than paper whilst maintaining filtration efficiency and being pleated it has more surface area of a flat foam filter.


Hiclone And K&N Filters? K&N Filters Graph

Whilst a Hiclone will create a vortex to present an ordered, denser airflow, one of the limiting factors is air filter restriction. Basically, you can't get more air into the engine if the air filter is holding you back. These devices complement each other. One provides more air the other provides the means to move it.

How Do I Wash the Filter?
  • 1) Pre-clean by brushing and tapping loose dirt off
  • 2) Soak for 10 minutes in K & N cleaning solution
  • 3) Rinse under tap and dry completely
  • 4) Re-oil with K & N spray on Air Filter Oil
How often should I wash the filter?

As with any air filter this depends on the conditions you drive in. As a rule of thumb, quadruple the kilometres in which you would replace a filter and wash at this interval. e.g. if you replace every 10,000km then you would wash at every 40,000km. On a street driven vehicle a filter can last up to 80,000km before a service is required.


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