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Hiclone is a simple maintenance-free device, which fits inside the air filter housing of a carburettor or in the air induction hose on EFI, turbo, LPG or diesel engines. Hiclone has no moving parts and is made from stainless steel, so it will last a lifetime. Hiclone has an unconditional money back guarantee.


Hiclone Product Information

Hiclone simply changes the flow of air through the air induction system. Hiclones special fins create a swirling effect, this optimises flow through the air intake system and improves fuel-air mixing to allow near-complete combustion. Just think of how nature produces its most efficient flow rates, invert a bottle or empty the sink and nature will show you how Hiclone works. You just need to try one and you'll see. Just look at the letters sent to us from happy customers.


...we generally gain between 10 to 20% better fuel efficiency, but with two Hiclones we generally gain over 20%%
Hiclone Product Information

We have found that with one Hiclone we generally gain between 10 to 20 per cent better fuel efficiency, but with two Hiclones we generally gain over 20 per cent fuel efficiency. A pre-turbo Hiclone will bring the turbo on up to 600 rpm earlier.

The many benefits of Hiclone include:

  • More power output
  • More stable idling
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Longer engine life
  • Less pollution

Boosts Power

It minimises the restriction of air flow and gathers fuel to the centre of the air stream which then rapidly moves to the combustion chamber. This also prevents the adherence of fuel to the wall of the intake system.

Improves Mileage

Hiclones swirling effect makes fuel particles finer and creates a near complete, rapid burn maximising the efficiency of combustion with available air and fuel. Click here for our test results.

Eliminates Injection Problems?

When fuel is not completely vaporized, it leads to the formation of carbon deposits and many detrimental effects can develop. The blow-by gas adhering to the throttle valve can also cause engine stall. Hiclones carbon cleaning effect virtually minimises these troubles.

A Product of Incalculable Value

Hiclone - is one of those unique products whose whole is really greater than the sum of their parts. Its overall value can only be measured by its total contribution to the owner of the vehicle, society and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

My car has an EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system. Where do I install the Hiclone?

The first Hiclone unit fits in the air hose between the throttle body and the air flow meter approx 150 to 200mm (6-8") back from the throttle body. If you want a second Hiclone it must sit approx 150mm (6") back from the first unit. On some vehicles between the air filter and the engine there's what is called an 'air flow meter'. If the air flow meter will impede the flow from the Hiclone, the unit must go BETWEEN the engine and this air flow meter.

Is there a Hiclone for ALL vehicles?

There are over 360 Hiclone designs. These accommodate most passenger cars, light heavy trucks, motorcycles and marine engines. Hiclone works with diesel, petrol (Efi or carby) and LPG engines.

Do I need a Hiclone in my new car?

Yes. Hiclone helps to eliminate carbon deposits from the start and makes your engine last longer, also giving you more power and better fuel economy.

When doesn't Hiclone work?

In 95% of vehicles with EFI engines the HICLONE does not work close to the throttle body. Generally the optimum is 6-8inch 15-20cm back from the throttle body. In most cases just after the air-filter is ok. There have even been cases of best performance being achieved closer to the throttle body too. Some models will need to have the battery lead removed overnight to allow the on board computer to reset itself.


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