Up To 24% Better Fuel Economy

Up To 15% More Power

Over 5 Million Units Sold!

120 Day Money Back Gurantee

Welcome to Hiclone!

Is your motor vehicle running at its peak performance? Would you like to have more power, lower fuel costs, less emission and an extended engine life? Of course you do! The cost of living is ever increasing and we’ve all got to make sure we’re doing our best to minimise spend and maximise the life of our assets. Hiclone can help. We have two amazingly simple devices, which work alone or together, to turn your motor vehicle into a fuel saving dream machine! These inexpensive, non-moving inventions, which can be easily installed by, at home will:

  • Boost your performance
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Decrease engine noise
  • Reduce emissions
  • De-carbonise your engine
  • Extend your engine’s life

Hiclone Testimonials

I have a 96ltr main fuel tank and a 45ltr sub-tank. I always start my trips with full tanks and always use the main tank first. Generally, I have enough fuel in the main tank to complete the return trip, although the fuel gauge is right on the ā€œEā€ for empty.

On my last trip to Broulee the traffic flow and density was as usual, but I also took a diversion on the trip down which added another 30 klms to the overall trip. Also, I left Broulee for the return trip to Wollongong at 2pm, and encountered two road works delays, a 20 minute low gear slow traffic progression through Nowra caused by a vehicle crash, and heavier traffic flow at that time of day for the remainder of the trip between Nowra and Wollongong. Amazingly, even after the traffic delays..

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