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Delica Tdi Review Hiclone for More Power/Torque & Better Fuel Economy

Delica Tdi review Hiclone fuel saver for more power/torque & better fuel economy, your fuel costs can be reduced, fuel efficient vehicles can be achieved with Hiclone. 

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Use our fuel consumption Calculator to see what your getting, it may surprise you.

Delica Tdi 2.8lt

Delica 2.8lt Tdi to install 2x Hiclones for more power & improve your fuel combustion, or your money back.

Delica Tdi and Hiclone: Installing Hiclone just before the inlet manifold will give you between 5-15% increase in power & 10-20% better fuel efficiency,  installing one at the filter end of the air induction pipe pre-turbo will assist the turbo and bring it on up to 600 rpm earlier, this will also help your fuel economy.

Hiclone is a simple, robustly constructed non-moving stainless steel device that sits inside the air intake system of an engine, between the air filter and the turbo and the inter-cooler and inlet manifold.

This is how Hiclone works. By spinning the air you get an improved air fuel mixture, this gives you a better combustion, hence more power and fuel economy.

This is how Hiclone works.

Like a static mixer, it vigorously swirls the air as it’s sucked into the engine. The swirling effect improves the fuel/air mixture and atomisation promoting a more complete combustion, this spinning of the air also creates a vortex that want to and does suck more air in, the more air the better, especially with diesel vehicles.

Hiclone makes the power in each cylinder more even, reducing friction, resulting in a more stable performance with less noise and abrasion, improves fuel consumption and cuts hydrocarbon emissions.

Installation is simple, no special tools or engine modifications are needed and it is maintenance free.
Hiclone smooths out the engine torque curve, resulting in a reduction of gear changes and a quieter engine, especially on the motorway.

Install Hiclone before the Turbo and feel the difference, it improves low down grunt, acceleration and reduces turbo lag bringing it on up to 600rpm earlier, making towing and hauling heavy loads more effective.

With Hiclone fitted you can corner and go uphill in a higher gear, this makes the vehicle easier to drive and improves the ride and reduces engine wear.

Snorkel: If you have a snorkel Hiclone into the top of the down pipe will give you extra power and economy as it creates a vortex that sucks more air in, it wont carry on spinning past the filter but the whole system breathes much easier.

Hiclones 98% success rate is nothing to complain about, and a 120 day “4 months” unconditional 100%  money back guarantee is given, if your not happy with the results give me a call and send 1x, 2x, 3x or all back. You’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain just by giving them a go.

Supermax: When used together with Hiclone & Supermax can multiply the fuel economy saving benefits. Hiclone operates on the air side of the combustion process, the Supermax makes the fuel side more fuel efficient. Together they are very effective on both petrol and diesel engines.

Oil filter magnet OFM: Traps the fine particles your oil filter can’t. The average oil filter can only filter down to approx. 25 microns.

The OFM by trapping these smaller particles reduces the abrasion in the engine, improving efficiency and reducing wear. Transfers from filter to filter, vehicle to vehicle, you’ve got it for life.

Hiclone have been in Australia for over 30 years, over 6.000.000 been sold world-wide, something must be working.

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More Proof: Hiclone tested in the Australian 4X4 magazine, a diesel Landcruiser with one Hiclone installed gained 17% better fuel economy, two units gave it 24% and we get similar results with petrol or LPG.

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No matter what vehicle you drive have a safe and happy journey.

No matter what vehicle you drive have a safe and happy journey.

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