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To improve fuel economy

Hiclone fuel saver

will help most vehicles, 4x4's & sedans

Fuel consumption Calculator to check your fuel usage, it may surprise you.

No matter what year your vehicle’s made it will still be using more fuel than you want it to, this is simply because it’s often using old technology, designed well before the vehicle is made.

Then there’s the general wear and tear on the engine parts that reduces the horse power, so your having to put your foot down a little more to get a few more rev’s to get up the hills, all in all your going to use more fuel and pay more at the pump.

Basically we all know this, so we're all looking for a solution, especially the larger sedans, 4×4, caravan owners.

I’ve heard of people with a near new Landcruiser towing caravans and using up to 33tl Per 100Km, now that hurts in the city but these people are doing the Grey Nomad trips in the bush, where fuel can often cost over $2 per Lt.

However there is a solution.

Install Hiclone for more power and better fuel economy.


This is how Hiclone works. By spinning the air you get an improved mixture between the air and fuel, this gives you a better combustion, hence more power and fuel economy.

How does a Hiclone work?

Hiclone has a series of fins, it’s installed into the air induction pipe between the air filter and engine or inter-cooler and engine also pre-turbo, as the air is being sucked or blown past the Hiclone fins it makes the air spin, the Hiclone doesn’t move, it makes the air move.

Spinning the air, creates a much better air-fuel mixture, hence a better combustion, giving you more power, more power means you use your right foot less, giving you greatly improved fuel economy.

Spinning the air also creates a vortex that wants to and does suck more air in, so you get a bit of a double whammy, more air and a better mixture.


Sent: 18/06/2019 8:18:27 PM
Subject: Testimonial
Hi John,
             This is the first testimonial I have ever given on a product, mainly because the advertised claims usually fall short of reality. However after 5 months of use in my dual fuel UZJ100R 4.7 litre Landcruiser I would have to say that the fuel saving on gas and petrol is around 15-20%. The engine at 400 000ks has never sounded sweeter.
Kind regards David M
80 Series:- Hiclone On my 94 model Landcruiser. I've got more range and easier cold starts. I do a lot of big bush runs and fuel economy is the main thing – my 4wd with it's snorkel had a range of 905Km on 145Lt – now that range 1,280 on a tank. 41% improvement. Now that’s where I’m impressed.

Harry C.

Installation: Hiclones are very easy to install. In most cases all you need is a screwdriver and a pair of gloves. They only take a few minutes to install and then you’re ready to hit the road and enjoy the extra power and excellent fuel savings that the Hiclone will deliver.

If you have questions, contact John directly on 04 3863 9594 also email

Hiclone will give you 5-15% increase in power & up to 24% better fuel economy!

Hiclone gives you an unconditional 120 day, 100% money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

We also have several other amazingly simple products, that work very well alone or together, they’ll  give you more power/torque and better fuel consumption.

Hiclone have been in Australia for over 30 years and have sold over 6,000,000 world-wide.

For more information, please call John on 04 3863 9594.

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120 Day unconditional money back guarantee.


Q. Where do the Hiclones fit?
A. The Hiclone fits between the air filter housing and the manifold of an engine, if there is an air flow meter the Hiclone must be fitted after it. One Hiclone is fitted close to air filter and one Hiclone close to manifold. There is no cutting of any hoses or modifications to any vehicle what so ever.
Q. Does it have to be fitted by a mechanic?
A. No, anyone can fit the Hiclone, there are two important points that must be considered when installing the Hiclone unit. The Arrow direction on the Hiclone unit must point towards the engine. The Hiclone must be a nice tight fit, closing the centre of the Hiclone unit.
Q. What should I expect from using Hiclone?
A. 10% performance improvement with 1 unit installed. 15% performance improvements with 2 units installed.
Q. Does it work for all vehicles?
A. Hiclone works for all engine types, including gas, fuel injected and diesel cars, trucks, motorbikes, marine motors, earth moving equipment and generators.
Q. Will it fit a turbo car?
A. Yes, Hiclone will fit in turbo vehicles. One if fitted before the turbo, close to the air filter and the second is fitted close to the engine manifold., and usually a third can be placed just after the inter-cooler and on top of the snorkel if one's fitted. The turbo will power up quicker, improving the drivability of the vehicle.

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