Ford Falcon BA BF More power & Better Fuel Economy with Hiclone & K&N Air Filter.

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Ford Falcon, no matter what year, petrol or LPG, will use fewer litres per 100KM with our products helping you with fuel prices.


18.03.22 - I have always installed Hiclones in my cars, our first experience was with our 2006 BF Falcon, which my wife used to drive to work in Melbourne from Bacchus Marsh, before the Hiclones were installed the best we could get out of a tank of fuel was around the 600km range, after we had the Hiclones installed, we were getting around 720kms a tank. We brought another 2006 Falcon, but it was LPG, I did not even worry about getting a range with this car before or after we installed the Hiclones as we already knew it would help with the economy.   Regards Mick

19/07/2019 - Fuel economy using Hiclone. Just to let you know that the fuel consumption on my 2007 BF Falcon wagon 6cyl improved from 10.2lt per 100km without Hiclone to 8.1lt per 100km with 3 Hiclone. Highway driving on cruise. Excellent Thanks Graham W

Up to 3x Hiclones can be installed into your Falcon with very good results, we suggest you put them all in at the same time and see how they go over the next 30-50 days, then if you want to, take one out at the filter end, if you feel you don't need it call me and send it back, basically 1's good 2's better 3's best.

We give you a 120 day unconditional money back guarantee, you've nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Hiclone Fuel Saver for Falcon BA BF
Falcon BA BF: 3x Hiclones & a K&N air filter to be installed to reduce car petrol cost. Your fuel costs i.e. litres per 100KM can be helped. petrol or LPG or your money back.

Try our fuel combustion Calculator to see what your getting from your fuel, it may surprise you.

Hiclone makes the air spin, the Hiclone doesn't move, it makes the air move.


This is how Hiclone works. By spinning the air you'll get an improved air fuel mixture, this gives you a better combustion, hence more power and fuel economy.


This is how Hiclone works. By spinning the air you'll get an improved air/fuel mixture, this creates a better combustion, hence more power and improved fuel economy.

Installing a Hiclone near the throttle body will give you 5-15% increase in power and between 10-20% better fuel economy, a second unit at the filter end will give you 30-50% more than one unit and a 3rd into the middle of the air pipe will give you even greater gains.

With increased cylinder pressure, the pistons are pushed down with more force, which, in turn, generates more torque in the crankshaft, more liveliness to the throttle and more power to the wheel

No matter, petrol or LPG Hiclone & K&N filters will give your Falcon much more power/torque & lower the Litres per 100KM used.

Hiclones & K&N filter are an environmentally friendly solution for more power and better fuel economy

Getting more power from the fuel is what Hiclone is all about. Let's say you need 2200  RPM to sit on 100Km. if you get more power/torque then sitting on 100Km may only need 1900 RPM, this has to save you money.

K&N air filters: We also market K&N filters, by using an oiled pleated cotton gauze as the filtering medium they allow up to 50% more air flow than the standard paper filters, the easier your engine can breath the better it performs and will give you better fuel economy.


Together with the Hiclones vortex effect they work very well together and you'll never buy another filter as they are washable and give you a 1.000.000 Mile warranty.

Hiclone has a 98% success rate, that's why we give you a 120 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee, all we ask is for you to give it a fair go, if your not happy with the results give me a call and sent them back.

Hiclone have sold over 6.000.000 world-wide and have been in Australia for over 34 years, something must be working.

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Fuel Prices helped, reduce car petrol costs.
Petrol prices up, Diesel prices up, economy down. Hiclone fuel saver will improve your fuel economy and reduce your vehicle fuel costs. Your litres per 100KM can be helped. Petrol, diesel Tdi & LPG or your money back.



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