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If you need to lower your fuel bill you should install one or two of our products.

Install Hiclone for better fuel consumption, Petrol, Diesel, LPG.

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Try our online Fuel Consumption Calculator to check your fuel usage.

Hiclone will give you more power & better fuel economy, your litres per 100KM can be helped, petrol, diesel or LPG or your money back.

Save money on fuel: Hiclone gives you more power & better fuel economy, petrol, diesel, Tdi or LPG.

Installing fuel savers

In many vehicles 2 or 3 Hiclones will work very well for you and 4x units if you have a snorkel. You get a long 120-day money back guarantee, we suggest you put them all in at the same time and see how they go over the next 30-40 days then if you want to, take the one out at the filter end and if you think you don't need it give me a call and send it back, 1's good 2's better 3's best and 4's the ultimate.

This is how Hiclone works.

This is how Hiclone works. By spinning the air you get an improved mixture between the air and fuel, this gives you a better combustion, hence more power and fuel economy.

By spinning the air gives you  a better air/fuel mixture, this gives you a more a complete combustion, hence more power and  better fuel economy.
They are very easy to install and if you get stuck I'm a phone call away.
We also give you a 120 day unconditional money back guarantee.
Hiclone have been in Australia for over 34 years, with over 6.000.000 sold world-wide, something must be working.
They’re an environmentally friendly solution for extra power and better fuel economy.
For more information or if you would like to order please call me on 04 3863 9594.
Thanks for your time.
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Fuel Prices helped, reduce car petrol costs.

Hiclone for Petrol, Diesel, Tdi and LPG.


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