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Fuel Saver Hiclone Review

Hiclone Fuel Saver Review

Should I fit Hiclone to save fuel

 Hiclone, over 27 years in Australia, more than 6.000.000 sold world-wide, 120 day 100% money back guarantee.

International awards from invention exhibitions.

I’m no “Auto Expert” but it’s obvious to me that if a product has been around for over 30 years it must be working.

“99.9% of Power boosting Devices Do Not Work”, that’s what John Eggers wrote (John Eggers Autos) Member M.A.T.Q

This is what he had to say:

Being in the motor trade for the past 22 years I seen so called Power boosting devices come and go (99.9%) Do Not Work so I was a bit skeptical when offered a Hiclone by John Riley, but having known him for some years I tried one and I am glad I did.

The power out put has increased some 10-15%, the motor idles smoother, even

with the Air Conditioning on and there is a definite increase in acceleration response when over taking.

Over all I’m very impressed with the Hiclone and would recommend it to any one.

John E.

John E. Auto’s, Cairns
Member M.A.T.Q.

And there are many others:

Nissan Patrol diesel: Initially skeptical, I noticed an immediate power increase at higher revs. Fuel consumption fell from around 12lt (already reasonable) to nearly 10lt per 100km, this is a saving me over 15%. There has also been a dramatic reduction in the exhaust emissions.

Adam H.

Landrover V8 Discovery: “Fuel economy facts (before/after) City 15mpg/17mpg = 13.5% improvement (peak hour traffic. stop start mainly 1 person up) Country 19.45mpg/22.1mpg = 14% improvement (110kph highway and some city cycle, 5 persons in total for entire trip) I am very happy with these figures.

Follow Up: Well I think my 30 days might be up and no I have no interest in sending back the Hiclone. It really does work. I have referred a couple of people to you direct so good luck.

Harry L.

Pajero Tdi 2014: Thanks for your great service John, again you make it so easy to deal with you. Keep it up Mate, talk again soon.

This will be my 3rd set of Hiclones and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

All the best Ashley R.

Landcruiser 2005 4.7 V8 Auto (lightly loaded): Amazingly, even after the traffic delays, heavier traffic flow, and the extra 30km on this trip, I was able to complete the whole trip using only the main tank, but the astounding thing was that the main tank was only three quarters empty on arrival. Considering the circumstances I saved somewhere between 25% – 30% on fuel.

Now I know why you offer a 100% money back guarantee on the Hiclone units. They work! Please feel free to use my testimonial for others to benefit from the Hiclone.

Richard F.

Landcruiser 1HZ Diesel: 4X4 magazine conducted an independent test on a 80 series, HZ diesel. Without Hiclone economy was 13.15lt/100km.

Installing one Hiclone lowered the fuel economy by 17% to 10.91lt/100km With two Hiclones fuel economy lowered by 23.5% to 10.05lt/100km. (4×4 Magazine independent test)

As I said I’m no Auto Expert but are all these people and magazines telling porky pies.

So in answer to your question.

Yes you should I fit a Hiclone to save fuel.

With the a 100%, 120 day money back guarantee you’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain. They’re an environmentally friendly solution for more power and economy.

In most vehicles 2 or 3x Hiclones will work very well for you and 4x units if you have a snorkel, we’ll give you a 120 day money back guarantee, suggest you put them all in at the same time and see how they go over the next 30-50 days then if you want to, take the one out at the filter end and if you think you don’t need it give me a call and send it back, basically 1’s good 2’s better 3’s best and 4 is the ultimate.

This is how Hiclone works. By spinning the air you get an improved air fuel mixture, this gives you a better combustion, hence more power and fuel economy.

This is how Hiclone works. By spinning the air you get an improved air fuel mixture, this gives you a better combustion, hence more power and fuel economy.

They are very easy to install and if you get stuck I’m a phone call away. 1800 683 466 or 07 4038 3102

Try our fuel combustion Calculator to see what your getting from your fuel, it may surprise you.

Installing a Hiclone near the throttle body will give you 5-15% increase in power and between 10-20% better fuel economy, a second unit at the filter end will give you 30-50% more than one Hiclone.

Installing Hiclone just before the inlet manifold will give you between 5-15% increase in power & 10-20% better fuel economy, if you have 200mm or more between the inlet and inter-cooler you can place a 2nd just after the inter-cooler this will give you 30-50% more than one unit.

Installing one at the filter end of the pipe pre-turbo will assist the turbo and bring it on up to 600 RPM earlier this also eases the load on the engine which helps your fuel economy.

Placing Hiclone into the inlet manifold or the pipe just before it, you’ll get 5-15% increase in power & between 10-20% better fuel economy, installing a 2nd unit at the air filter end will give you 30-50% more than one unit.

If you have a snorkel a Hiclone into the top will surprise you with extra power and economy as it creates a vortex that wants to and does suck more air in.

Installing a Supermax is like installing a 2nd Hiclone it will give you 30-50% more power and economy than you will get with one Hiclone.

K&N air filters:
We also market K&N air filters, by using an oiled pleated cotton gauze as the filtering medium these allow up to 50% more air flow than the standard paper filters, the better your engine can breath the better it performs and gives you greater fuel economy. Coupled with the Hiclones vortex effect they work very well together and you’ll never buy another filter as they are washable and give you a 1.000.000 Mile warranty.

For more power and economy and exceptional engine protection

For more power and economy and exceptional engine protection.

Pulse Plugs:
New spark plug technology, these plugs dramatically increase discharge power by up to x 10. See how they work.

Pulstar Spark Plugs for a much bigger spark giving you more low down grunt and better Fuel Combustion.

Pulstar spark plugs for a much bigger spark, giving you more low down grunt and better fuel combustion.

In most cases only one Hiclone can be installed onto a carburetor vehicle, this will give you 5-15% more power and 10-20% better fuel economy, if you have an isolated air filter with a pipe in between air filter canister and carburetor e.g.. Toyota Hilux 1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, 22R then two units may be used, this will give you 30-50% more than one unit.

All we ask is that you give it a fair go as it needs time to de-coke the motor, after approx. 200km. you’ll feel a definite performance improvement, which will get better with time as will the fuel economy. We give you a 120-day unconditional money back guarantee, and if you’re not satisfied with the result give me a call and send it back. The bottom line is you have a lot to gain and nothing to loose.

More Proof:
Looking for more proof then check out our letters page, Hiclones tested in the Australian 4X4 & 4WD magazine, a 1996 1HZ diesel Landcruiser with one Hiclone fitted got 17% better fuel economy, two units gave it 24% and we get similar results with petrol or LPG..

Trusting this is of some help, for more information please call me on 04 3863 9594.

Thanks for you time.

John Riley – hiclonehq@bigpond.com

Hiclone have been in Australia for approx. 30 years with over 6.000.000 sold world-wide, something must be work.

Hiclone to suit all vehicles Order Online

Guarantee 100%

Litres per 100km – Fuel combustion calculator – Car expenses petrol & diesel – Fuel saver

Safe and happy travels.

No matter what you drive, have a safe and happy trip.

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