How to save on fuel - Top tips for fuel efficient driving.

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How you drive and your vehicles condition has a big impact on the amount of fuel you use.

  1. Reduce your vehicle use

Engines are at their least fuel efficient and most polluting when starting and on short trips. The reason for this is that catalytic converters do not operate properly until they have warmed up. Trips less than five Km. does not allow the engine to reach its optimum operating temperature.

Plan to do a number of errands in one trip rather than several, you'll save time and fuel. Avoid short vehicle trips by walking or cycling.

  1. Always drive in the right gear

Driving in a lower gear than you need to is wasting fuel, also letting the engine labor in top gear on hills is also wasteful. If you have a manual gearbox, change up a gear as soon as the car is comfortable with the gear change.

If you have an automatic box it will shift up quicker and more smoothly if you ease back on the accelerator once you have enough speed. Try to avoid the power options that drop the car into a lower gear, hence more fuel use.

  1. Driving smoothly

The city stop/start driving is much less fuel efficient than driving at a constant speed. Try to avoid driving in the peak-hours and on busy roads when possible.

Easy on the accelerator - the higher the RPM equals more fuel use. Drive at a good distance from the car in front, you can then anticipate the flow of traffic. This avoids unnecessary acceleration and repetitive braking which ends up wasting fuel. If you can see traffic stoppages ahead, take your foot off the accelerator and let the engine slow the vehicle, also changing to a lower gear. Don't continue driving at the same speed and then applying the brakes at the last minute. Getting back to your cruising speed while the car is still moving will use a lot less fuel than having to stop and starting again.

  1. Minimize your fuel wastage when idling

Most modern vehicles don't need to "warmed up" by idling before setting off. This wastes fuel. Start your vehicle when you are ready to go. Once on the road, minimise fuel wasted in idling by stopping the engine when the car is stopped or held up for extended periods. By switching off the engine, even for a short period of time, you'll save more fuel than is lost from restarting the engine.

  1. Keep your speed down

Your fuel consumption increases dramatically once your over about 90 Kph. At 110 Kph your engine uses up to 25% more fuel than at cruising at 90 Kph. If you have cruise control, use it during whenever possible, this will maintain a steady speed, saving your fuel.

  1. Minimize drag

Additional parts, such as roof racks and spoilers, or driving with the window open, increases air resistance and fuel consumption. Remove roof / bike racks when not in use. When using roof racks, load them carefully so as to help minimize the wind resistance or install an aerodynamic roof box.

  1. Look after your tyres

Inflate your tyres to the pressure recommended by the manufacture and be sure to keep your wheels properly aligned. Looking after your tyres will reduce your fuel consumption and will extend tyre life.

  1. Using the air conditioning

When on the air conditioner uses up to 10% more fuel. Having said that, at speeds over 80 Kph, using the A/C is better for your fuel economy than an open window which is creates aerodynamic drag. When it's hotter inside the vehicle than outside, drive with the windows down for a few Klm to cool the vehicle before starting the A/C.

  1. Less weight in the boot

The more weight in the vehicle, the less fuel efficient it is. Try not to use your vehicle as a traveling store. Leave the heavy items like tools / sports equipment etc. in the garage, if you don't need them.

  1. Maintain your vehicle

Keep your vehicle regularly maintained and tuned. Service at the intervals specified in the handbook.

Use the fuel that's recommended for your vehicle. If using regular unleaded fuel in a car designed to run on premium, expect a little less performance and a little higher consumption. Using premium in a car designed for regular may give better fuel consumption in some vehicles but it is unlikely to offset the extra cost.


Safe and happy travels, no matter what you drive

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This is how Hiclone works.

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