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120 Day unconditional money back guarantee.ssl-image

120 Day unconditional money back guarantee.


What is Hiclone?

Hiclone is a simple maintenance free device, that fits in the air induction pipe on Efi, turbo, LPG or diesel engines and inside the air filter housing of a carburetor vehicle. They are made from laser cut, spot welded stainless steel and are handmade with “no moving parts” as it’s maintenance free it will last a lifetime, just fit and forget. Hiclone has an unconditional 120 day 100% money back guarantee.

The Hiclones effect will give you better fuel consumption or your money back!




Hiclone Fuel Saver helps with fuel prices, petrol prices can be helped, they will improve your fuel economy, your litres per 100KM can be helped, petrol, diesel or LPG or your money back.

Hiclone Fuel Saver will give you better fuel economy, petrol, diesel or LPG.

How does Hiclone work

Hiclone simply changes the flow of air through the air induction system. Hiclone’s special fins create a swirling effect, this optimises flow through the air intake system and improves the fuel air mixing to allow a near-complete combustion hence more power and improved fuel economy.


Just think of how nature produces its most efficient flow rates, invert a bottle or empty the sink and nature will show you how Hiclone works. By spinning the air it also creates a vortex that suck more air in so you get a double whammy, more air and a better mixture. You just need to try one and you’ll see. Just look at the user feedback sent to us from happy customers.

Two Hiclones

In most vehicles, petrol or diesel one Hiclone will give you 5-15% increase in power and between 10-20 % better fuel economy, two Hiclones can give you up to 24 % better fuel efficiency and a pre-turbo Hiclone will bring the turbo on up to 600 rpm earlier and give you even greater fuel economy.

Three Hiclones

On many turbo diesel vehicles 2x or 3x Hiclones will work very well for you and 4x units if you have a snorkel, we’ll give you a 120 day unconditional money back guarantee, suggest you put them all in at the same time and see how they go over the next 30-40 days then if you want to, take the one out at the filter end and if you think you don’t need it give me a call and send it back, basically 1’s good 2’s better 3’s best and 4’s the ultimate.

Installing Hiclone just before the inlet manifold will give you between 5-15% increase in power & 10-20% better fuel economy, if you have 200mm or more between the inlet and inter-cooler you can place a 2nd just after the inter-cooler this will give you 30-50% more than one unit, installing one at the filter end of the hose pre-turbo will assist the turbo and bring it on up to 600 rpm earlier this also eases the load on the engine which helps your fuel economy.

Four Hiclones

Snorkel: If you have a snorkel a Hiclone into the top will surprise you with extra power and economy as it creates a vortex that wants to and does suck more air in, it’s not going to carry on spinning past the filter but the whole system breaths so much easier.

The many benefits of Hiclone include:

  • More power output
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • More stable idling
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Longer engine life
  • Less pollution
  • Easy to install

Boosts Power

By spinning the air it minimises the restriction of air flow and gathers fuel to the centre of the air stream which then rapidly moves to the combustion chamber. This also prevents the adherence of fuel to the wall of the intake system.

Improve fuel consumption

Hiclones swirling effect makes fuel particles finer and creates a near complete, rapid burn maximising the efficiency of combustion with available air and fuel.

How to to Install Hiclone

The Hiclone is easy to install and can be fitted to a large range of vehicles, including; trucks, cars and 4×4’s.

Eliminates Injection Problems

When fuel is not completely vaporized, it leads to the formation of carbon deposits and many detrimental effects can develop. The blow-by gas adhering to the throttle valve can also cause engine stall. Hiclones carbon cleaning effect virtually minimises these troubles.

Incalculable Value

Hiclone is one of those unique products whose whole is really greater than the sum of their parts. Its overall value can only be measured by its total contribution to the owner of the vehicle, society and the environment.

Hiclone have been in Australia for over 23 years and have a 98% success rate, over 6,000,000 sold world wide so something must be working.

John Riley   hiclonehq@bigpond.com

120 Day unconditional money back guarantee.ssl-image

120 Day unconditional money back guarantee.

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