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Oil Filter Magnet




Oil Filter Magnet

Hiclone and the Oil Filter Magnet (OFM) will give a much longer engine life.

The Oil Filter Magnet is a powerful precision device that magnetizes the oil filters outer metal skin and effectively traps and removes virtually all micro-abrasive particles from the oil inside the filter.

When an engine is newly assembled, the piston rings do not fit precisely into the cylinders despite highly accurate machining techniques. The piston rings wear to precisely fit in the cylinder during the break-in period. Unfortunately, the wearing of the piston rings and cylinder walls continues, due to micro abrasive particles depositing even more contaminants into the oil.

Some of the particles are large enough to be caught in the oil filter. Those that are not, continue to circulate with the oil, passing between the piston rings and cylinders wall and through all the bearings. The micro abrasives cause scratches, generating more particles, thereby worsening the problem.

ofmdemoConventional oil filters, combined with the Oil Filter Magnet, remove virtually all of the micro abrasive particles from the oil. Piston rings without abrasive metal particles will slowly polish and restore cylinder walls to their “like new” condition; significantly reducing wear.

Engine life is dramatically prolonged, delaying or preventing the wear that leads to pollution. Even high quality oil filters and oil treatments cannot remove fine abrasive alloy particles which cause major engine wear and decrease engine performance.

In order for oil filters to trap particles under 25 microns, the oil filter would need to severely restrict the flow of engine oil. This restricted flow would reduce oil pressure to a critical level (oil starvation) and low oil pressure will, of course, result in engine failure.

Oil Filter Magnet Benefits

  • Your engine will last much longer.
  • Uni-directional magnet.
  • It does not interfere with any other electrical device.
  • Oil will remain clean and metal free.
  • One hundred times more effective than magnetic drain plugs.
  • Prevents and/or decreases the burning of oil
  • Helps protect the environment by reducing pollution.
  • Lasts a lifetime.
  • Transfers from filter to filter.
  • Easy to fit, simply snap it on; no tools required.
  • Protect your investment and enhance your vehicle’s resale value!

The Oil Filter Magnet consists of a super strong Neodymium magnet inside a plastic carrier.

Research indicates that a perceived belief by consumers is if one changes their vehicle’s oil and filter, they will remove the impurities from the engine system. Although a large number of contaminants are removed during the oil change, a significant number remain on the inner surfaces of the engine.

These inner surfaces include rocker arms, push rod ends, the tops of hydraulic lifters, as well as the inside of the lifters themselves, oil galleries, cam and crankshaft bearing surfaces, front and rear engine seals and many other surfaces and areas that allow viscous engine oil to cling or gather. When the new oil enters the system, the contaminants are picked up and begin the wear cycle again.

The cleanliness level required for efficient system operation is largely determined by the ‘clearances’ between adjacent working surfaces, typically in the 10 micron range. It is therefore obvious to note that the most damaging contaminant size is ten microns and smaller enabling the contaminant to flow within the film of oil and enter the high-pressure areas of the engine plowing and tearing the surfaces. The most damaging of the metal contaminants are the hard metals; iron and steel.

In combustion engines, high local stresses associated with sliding contact wear result in abrasive removal of material surfaces. When loads are concentrated on the effective area of a small particle, the resulting surface stresses can be greater than 500,000 psi.

Oil film thickness between which particles can reach and attack surfaces, are typically in the 10-micron range. The smallest particle which your oil filter can trap is 25 microns. In order for oil filters to trap particles under 25 microns, the oil filter would need to severely restrict the flow of engine oil.

The most effective method to remove the Iron and Steel contaminants is when the engine is running and the contaminants are in suspension. The oil while under pressure picks up all the contaminants and funnels them through the filter.

Alone the filter will remove the contaminants over 25 microns, but with the assistance of Oil Filter Magnet attached to the filter, the most damaging contaminants under 25 microns, the Iron and Steel will be removed. When these hard contaminants are removed the wear cycle is slowed down. Oil analysis has identified when the hard metal count is reduced; the soft metal count is lower.

Using Hiclone and the Oil Filter Magnet will prolong your engine life.


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