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Road Tests

Hiclone fuel efficiency road test results

(These are on road results from Australian vehicles in Australian conditions NOT dyno figures)

Vehicle TypeBase FigureAfter Hiclone% Improvement
1983 XE Fairmont EFI with 2 Hiclones
(Data sheet and letter from 75th Anniversary Ford Australia Rally)
7.38 km/ltr11.31 km/ltr+53.3
80 Series Landcruiser Diesel with 2 Hiclones
(4X4 magazine)
13.15 ltr/100km10.05 ltr/100km+23.5
Ford Courier EFI 2.6 litre with 2 Hiclones
(Phone information)
4.6 km/ltr7.35 km/ltr+59.5
'1999 VT Commodore EFI with 2 Hiclones
(Letter written)
41 mpg47 mpg+14.6%


Hiclone road test results from the 75th Ford Australia homecoming rally

(These are on road results from a Ford Fairmont 1983 model.)

TestsKmLitresKm/LMPG% Gain
Starting economy with no Hiclones--7.3820.85-
Economy with one Hiclone--8.2823.412%
Economy figures with two Hiclones-----
Brisbane-Pt Macquarie via Pacific Hwy5875011.7433.2-
Pt McQuarie-Goulburn via Sydney Parramatta Hume Hwy5765111.2931.9-
Goulburn-Wangaratta via Yass, Holbrook, Albury4664111.3732.12 -
Wangaratta-Campbellfield, Broadmeadow, Campbellfield2742411.4232.26-
Campbellfield-Torquay via You Yang, Geelong27524 11.46 32.38-
Torquay-tarcutta via Geelong, Albury437 4210.4029.4 -
Tarcutta-Coonabarrabran via Young, Forbes, Dubbo5915111.5932.74-
Coonabarrabran-Goondiwindi via Narrabri, Moree3463111.1631.54-
Goondiwindi-Toowoomba via Portsmith2732411.3832.14-
Totals and Average fuel consumption382533811.3231.98 53%


Conversion Table

Based on 1 gallon = 4.55 litres and 1 mile = 1.61 kilometres

Conversion TypeFormula
mpg to km/ltrkm/ltr = mpg X 0.3538461
mpg to litres/100kmltr/100km = 282.608/mpg
km/ltr to mpgmpg = km/ltr X 2.8260873
km/ltr to ltr/100kmltr/100km = 100/(km/ltr))
ltr/100km to mpgmpg = 282.608/(ltr/100km)
ltr/100km to km/ltrkm/ltr = 100/(ltr/100km)


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