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Subaru Liberty/Outback Hiclone petrol saver review

Subaru Liberty/Outback Hiclone petrol saver review more power & fewer lt per 100km with Hiclone.

Subaru Liberty/Outback, no matter what year, petrol or LPG, you’ll get more power/torque & use fewer litres per 100km  with our products helping you to reduce fuel prices.

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Subaru 2010 2.5lt Efi

Subaru Liberty 2010 2.5lt Efi, 2x Hiclone fuel s& 4x Pulstar spark plugs to be installed to reduce car petrol cost.

Installing Hiclone near the throttle body will give you 5-15% increase in power and between 10-20% better fuel economy, a second unit at the filter end will give you up to 50% more than one unit.

With a 120 day unconditional money back guarantee, you’ve nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


Hiclone is a simple, robustly constructed non-moving stainless steel device that sits inside the air intake system of an engine between the air filter and the engine manifold.

This is how Hiclone works. By spinning the air you get an improved air fuel mixture, this gives you a better combustion, hence more power and fuel economy.

This is how Hiclone works.

Like a static mixer, it vigorously swirls the air as it is sucked into the engine. The swirling effect improves the fuel/air mixture and atomisation promoting a more complete combustion as more of the available fuel is consumed.

Hiclone increases torque, improves fuel consumption and cuts hydrocarbon emissions: in particular smoke. It makes the power in each cylinder more even, reducing friction, resulting in a more stable performance with less noise and abrasion. Hiclone smooths out the engine torque curve, resulting in a reduction of gear changes and a quieter engine, especially on the motorway.

Installing is simple, no special tools or engine modifications are required and it’s maintenance free.

Fit Hiclone in before a Turbo Charger and feel the difference, it improves low down grunt, acceleration and reduces turbo lag.

With Hiclone fitted you can corner and go uphill in a higher gear, this makes the vehicle easier to drive and improves the ride and reduces engine wear.

Additionally Hiclone improves low down grunt of turbo charged engines making towing and hauling heavy loads more effective.

1x or 2x Hiclones can be installed into your Subaru with very good results, we suggest you put them both in at the same time and see how they go over the next 30-50 days, then if you want to, take one out at the filter end, if you feel you don’t need it call me and send it back, basically 1’s good 2’s better.

Pulstar spark plugs: New spark plug technology, these plugs dramatically increase discharge power by up to 10x. this is why its new technology should be in your engine.

Until now, petrol was ignited by a simple spark plug, a technology that has barely changed in 100 years. But now you can change to a new Eco-friendly Pulstar Pulse spark plug that uses an advanced technology to make every drop of fuel burn better and cleaner.

Pulstar spark plugs for a much bigger spark giving you more low down grunt and better fuel combustion.

Pulstar spark plugs for a much bigger spark giving you more low down grunt and better fuel combustion.

See how they work: Electrical energy from the engine’s coil is stored in the built-in capacitor. At the exact moment needed, that energy is released in an truly powerful and quick (two nanosecond) high-energy pulse.

The result: The improved combustion burns fuel sooner and more effectively, which equals improved lt per 100km, less emissions, and better overall drive ability.

Tests at an independent laboratory demonstrate how Pulstar spark plugs burn fuel more efficiently than normal spark plugs. In this high-speed video (shot at 68,000 frames per second), you can actually see the ignition plume of Pulstar growing at more than twice the speed of the spark plug.

The plugs generates a much larger spark than normal spark plugs, which reduces overall burn time and burns the fuel more completely. Once created, the spark dissipates over a period of 30 millionths of a second.

With increased cylinder pressure, the pistons are pushed down with more force, which, in turn, generates more torque in the crankshaft, more liveliness to the throttle and more power to the wheels.

Harley VROD: :From the very first moment I started the engine, I felt and heard a big difference. Less vibrations and a smoother running engine.

Of course, if you don’t use this torque to go faster, the engine does its work with less effort resulting in better fuel economy.

Nissan 350Z 2006: I installed 6 Pulstar spark plugs. The car roared back to life. I am so pleased with your product that I’m requesting posters and decals for the Man Cave. I would like for all that enter my garage know I support your fine product. Kudos and keep up the great work. Marty Cain

With a life expectancy of 150,000km. and costing only $30 each it’s the cheapest performance product and fuel saver on the market.

No matter petrol or LPG our products will give your Subaru much more power/torque & lower the lt per 100km used. Hiclones are an environmentally friendly solution for more power and better fuel economy.

Getting more power from the fuel is what Hiclone and Pulstar sparks plugs are all about. Let’s say you need 2600 RPM to sit on 100km, if you get more power/torque then sitting on 100km may only need 2300 RPM, this has to save you money.

K&N air filters: We also market K&N filters, by using an oiled pleated cotton gauze as the filtering medium they allow up to 50% more air flow than the standard paper filters, the easier your engine can breathe the better it performs and will give you better fuel economy.

Together with the Hiclones vortex effect they work very well together and you’ll never buy another filter as they are washable and give you a 1.000.000 Mile warranty.

Supermax: When used in conjunction with Hiclone, Supermax can multiply the fuel consumption benefits for you. Hiclone works on the air side of the process, the Supermax on the fuel side. They work together a powerhouse team which are effective in giving you a better burn, giving you more power and better fuel economy.

Oil ilter magnet OFM: Traps the particles your oil filter can’t. The standard oil filter can only filter down to approx. 25 microns. The bearing tolerances are 10 microns. The OFM by trapping these smaller particles decreases abrasion in the engine, improving efficiency and reducing wear.  It can be transferred from filter to filter, vehicle to vehicle so you’ve got it for life.

Hiclone has a 98% success rate, we give you a 120 day unconditional 100% money back guarantee, all we ask is for you to give it a fair go, if your not happy with the results give me a call and sent them back.

I received this letter 24 Nov 2015: I’m a retired Mechanic and I fitted 2x Hiclones and a set of Pulse spark plugs to my Commodore V6 and achieved 5 to 7 litres per 100km. (42-60mpg) depending on driving conditions I get at least 1000km. per tank of fuel plus the added bonus of increased power and torque so well worth the initial expense.

Steve M.

Hiclone have sold over 6.000.000 world-wide and have been in Australia for over 30 years, something must be working.

For more information or if you would like to order please call me on 04 3863 9594.

Thanks for your time

John Riley – hiclonehq@bigpond.com

Hiclone: 8 Starcke Trail, Smithfield, Qld 4878

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Fuel Prices helped, reduce car petrol costs.

Petrol prices up, Diesel prices up, economy down. Hiclone fuel saver will improve your fuel economy and reduce your vehicle fuel costs. Your litres per 100KM can be helped. Petrol, diesel Tdi & LPG or your money back.

Litres per 100km – Fuel calculator – Car expenses petrol & diesel – Fuel saver

No matter what vehicle you drive have a safe and happy journey.

No matter what vehicle you drive have a safe and happy journey.

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