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120 Day unconditional money back guarantee.ssl-image

120 Day unconditional money back guarantee.


What is Supermax

Supermax is a magnetic device that clips onto any petrol, diesel, Tdi fuel line. It consists of a pair of precision made magnetic frequency resonators. These resonators are made of neodymium, a rare metal alloy used to make the world’s strongest compact conductors/magnets. Supermax has a 120 day money back guarantee.

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How does it Work

fuelworkThe Supermax is a Magnetic frequency resonator, that separate and re-aligns the molecules of the fuel passing between the two (2) magnetic parts, it is like atomisation at an atomic level.

The Supermax has a strength of 11,000 Gauss and is recommended for all vehicles.

Supermax and Hiclone

The combustion process consists of fuel, air and ignition. The Supermax makes the fuel side of the equation more fuel efficient whilst the Hiclone works on the air side of the equation. Therefore both devices together will multiply the benefits gained.

Is Supermax Easy to Fit

YES! it can be simply installed on the fuel supply line in minutes with No tools, No cutting of pipes and No electrical connections. The Supermax comes in two halves which simply clip over the fuel line.

Is Supermax suitable for all vehicles

YES! it works on All Petrol, Diesel and Tdi engines.

A little more

Most fuels for internal combustion engines are liquid. But liquid fuels don’t ignite till they are vaporized and mixed with air.

Fuel mainly consists of hydrocarbons. Groupings of hydrocarbons, when flowing through a magnetic field, change their orientations of magnetization in a direction opposite to that of the magnetic field. The molecules of hydrocarbon change their configuration. At the same time inter molecular force is considerably reduced or depressed.

These mechanisms are believed to help to disperse oil particles and to become finely divided. In addition, hydrogen ions in fuel and oxygen ions in air or steam are magnetized to form magnetic domains which are believed to assist in atomising fuel into finer particles.

Generally a liquid or gas fuel used for an internal combustion engine is composed of a set of molecules. Each molecule includes a number of atoms, which is composed of a nucleus and electrons orbiting around their nucleus. The molecules have magnetic moments in themselves, and the rotating electrons cause magnetic phenomena. Thus, positive (+) and negative (-) electric charges exists in the fuel’s molecules.

For this reason, the fuel particles of the negative and positive electric charges are not split into more minute particles. Accordingly, the fuels are not actively interlocked with oxygen during combustion, thereby causing incomplete combustion. To improve the above, the fuels have been required to be decomposed and ionised. The ionisation of the fuel particles is accomplished by the supply of magnetic force from a magnet.

The resultant conditioned fuel/air mixture magnetized burns more completely, producing higher engine output, better fuel consumption, more power and most importantly reduces the amount of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen in the exhaust. Another benefits if these devices is that magnetically charged fuel molecules with opposite polarities dissolve carbon build-up in carburetor jets, fuel injectors, and combustion chambers help to clean up the engine and maintain the clean condition.

For more information or if you would like to order please call me on 04 3863 9594, thanks for your time.

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**Please note: We no longer have the 1800 Number, please call 04 3863 9594 for more information or to order. Thank you.

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120 Day unconditional money back guarantee.ssl-image

120 Day unconditional money back guarantee.


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