Petrol & LPG engines use Hiclone Fuel saver for better fuel economy

Our Online Fuel Consumption Calculator doesn't lie.

It's amazing what Hiclone can give you, so much more power/torque and fuel economy that you'll hardly believe it.

All fuel's need air for the fuel to ignite. The Hiclone make the air spin, the device doesn't move, it makes the air move. Spinning the air gives you a better mixture between the air and fuel, this creates a better combustion giving you more power and torque and much better fuel efficiency.


Mitsubishi Triton, Hiclone gives increased fuel efficiency & more power

& it been doing it for over 34 years.

Hiclone, 34 years world-wide sales, you've nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


 Triton: Tdi or petrol, with Hiclone you will improved your fuel combustion. Hiclone with its 120-day money back guarantee is the fuel economy answer for your Triton.

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Installing Hiclones into your Triton will give you 5-15% increase in power and up to 24% better fuel economy or your money back.

As the air is being sucked or blown through the fins in the Hiclone it makes the air spin, the device doesn't move, it makes the air move, by spinning the air you get a better mixture between the air and fuel hence better combustion. The spinning also creates a vortex that wants to and does suck more air in, more air and a better mixture will give you more power/torque from the fuel, so you don't have to use you right foot so much giving you improved fuel economy.

Try our online fuel economy Calculator
to see what your getting from your fuel, it may surprise you.



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