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Chev Silverado 350 Cu. inch V8

The Fuel consumption calculator convinced me that I had to write to you.
Just a short note to let you know that I have had the Hiclone installed in my 1979 Chev Silverado (350 Cu. inch V8) for 665kms. Prior to the installation, my fuel consumption for the previous 2056 kms was 455.54 ltrs, giving a rate of 4.51 kms/litre. Since installation of the Hiclone my fuel consumption was 83.11 litres for 440 kms. Therefore a return of 5.29 kms/litre.

This represents an increase in distance traveled per litre of 17.29%!! A very good result indeed!! Additionally, cold weather starting, idling, and oil consumption have all shown much improved performance levels!

I am very happy with the Hiclone and would recommend it to any vehicle operator!! Feel free to use these comments in any fashion you wish! Thank you.

Bob B.

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Chrysler / Jeep

Jeep Cherokee 2004

As I drove onto the freeway I noticed an increase in performance as the jeep picked up speed much faster than before, as I was driving the car with the accelerator pushed to the floor I hadn’t expected an improvement in fuel economy.

Once I had filled up, I drove the Jeep normally getting at least 100km more from a tank of premium unleaded (shell optimax). I then fitted a K and N air filter and performance seemed to improve again. Needless to say I wont be asking for a refund as the combination of Hiclone and the K & N air filter gave me a power gain 19kw on the dyno.

David C.


Turbo Diesel Cherokee

I received the Hiclone and am very impressed with the effect on the engine. No data on fuel consumption yet, but the smoothing of the engine and the extra torque all through the rev band is very noticeable. In fact I am interested in putting another one in the engine.

I have a turbo-diesel Cherokee and the device is in the airline right at the inlet to the engine. I would like to put a second one also in the same airline but is there a minimum or maximum spacing between the two devices for best effect? Or is it better to put a second one in the line from the filter to the turbo or from the turbo to the inter-cooler? What about the effect of 3 of your devices? Looking forward to your reply.

Roger T.

REPLY: Three Hiclones can be used, two between intercooler and engine if you can get 8″ between them and one pre-turbo (minimum 8″ from turbo) to bring the turbo on earlier.

Voyager 1999

I purchased a Hiclone for my V6 1999 Chrysler Voyager in late May early June. To my surprise it actually improved my fuel economy. Around town was 16.442 mpg and now is 17.719 mpg, an improvement of 7.7%. Highway was 24.94 mpg and now is 28.166 mpg, an improvement of 12.9%. I’m very please with the results and thought you would appreciate the feedback.

Sue N.

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Ford Territory

We had 2 Hiclones fitted to our Ford Territory several weeks ago and are thrilled to say we already are seeing about 20% saving, and that’s after only 2 tanks of fuel.

I would also like to get a price on the K & N filter you have. Thanks.

Barry L.

Carby Ford Falcon 1986 6cyl

12% gain in fuel economy doing 140km per hour up the centre, 21.08 % gain in fuel economy in normal motoring.

Luke F.

Ford Transit

I just received the Hiclones and I installed them in my Ford Transit. I took twice the same route with and without the Hiclone and I can only say “amazing”. I went for a trip on the weekend and I was able to maintain at 100 km/h, I could even overtake some trucks. The only bad thing was I had to pay 2000 bfr when it arrived here.

Something with customs [customer lives in Belgium] … but I am until now very pleased. Could I expect some more improvement in the next coming trips? Or is it working 100% from starts. anyhow, I am advertising your website because I believe it works.

Will J.

Courier EFI 2.6 litres

I started at 4.6 km/l (13 mpg) without any Hiclones. I put two Hiclones in and got nothing for about 300km. My fuel economy then changed to 6.5 km/l (18.5 mpg). I then experimented with the placement of the Hiclones and eventually got 7.35 km/l (21 mpg).

Micheal Y.

85 XF Falcon

A few months ago I purchased a Hiclone for my 85 XF falcon and was very pleased with the results, especially with the fuel economy and smoothness of the engine. The fuel economy was about 14% better in city driving.

I have recently sold the vehicle and want another Hiclone for my new falcon.

Fred V.

1983 XE Fairmont EFI - 53% improvement

Please find enclosed the results of the test run on the 28-3-00 from Brisbane to Torquay (Vic) and return to Toowoomba (QLD) during the Ford 75th Home coming Rally. Before these figures were obtained I think it should be pointed out that a number of small test were done on the test car being One 1983 Ford Fairmont XE Efi 4.1 LT automatic sedan with a final drive of 2.7:1 ratio on 15″ Ford alloy wheels.

Having now confirmed the mechanical specs it should be noted that pre-test consumption was 6.48 km/ltr a major tune-up was done and a fuel consumption improvement was obtained to 7.38 km/ltr. The decision to fit a Hiclone at the air censor mouth was taken which resulted in a fuel consumption of 8.28 km/ltr. (A 12% improvement)

Then it was decided to fit a second Hiclone unit. As recommended by Hiclone staff this unit was fitted halfway from the air censor and the throttle body, which resulted in a very poor engine performance, it appeared to cause a air flow problem in the ducting of the air intake. By moving the unit from the middle of the air duct to the throttle body solved this problem.

The performance improved out site and fuel consumption improved in an outstanding result (to 11.32 km/ltr) as confirmed by the test results documented in the page enclosed. The 35% increase was without doubt beyond any possible results that I would have imagined possible by such a simple device as the Hiclone unit.

John I thank you and Hiclone for your foresight to release the Hiclone to the Australian market, as petrol prices are increasing at such a ridiculous rate, someone had to come up with a way of reducing the running cost for everyday motorist.

John in all fairness I can not make any reliable or probable statement re the improved power output of the car as I don’t have access to a dyno to check to performance output with or without the Hiclone units fitted regardless of power output the main concern to motorist is the fuel cost today although the engine performance did not appear to suffer in any way through out the test run.

John I hope that the enclosed results are of use to you, and I give you permission to use these results for any promotional purpose that you and Hiclone may like and I have no objection with my name being made available to the inquiring public.

Charlie H.

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Commodore VS

I first heard about your Hiclone from a TV ad a fair while back, and at that time didn’t own a car so I didn’t take much notice of it. About 7 months ago I bought a stock VS Commodore and have slowly been doing it up.

I then remembered about the ad I saw, looked up your website and thought, hey I might as well, it’s got a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. So I installed one about 6 inches back from the throttle body and took it for a drive.

I know you say it takes a little while to run in, but I noticed a difference immediately. The car feels so much lighter on take off, accelerates so much better, and is getting awesome fuel economy.

All this car has is a HSV style cold air duct, K&N Air filter, set of pacemaker extractors and a 2-1/2 inch sports exhaust, and I am now getting 490-500km from a full tank (which only fills up 45 litres for some reason and used to get only 425-450km to a full tank).

Pete K.

1992 VP V6 Commodore

Well, this afternoon I installed a Hiclone unit into my old (1992 VP Holden) V6. I don’t know if you have seen under the bonnet of a VP. The air cleaner is at the left front, there is a flexible unit for vibration then a long angled tube tube and then another flexible unit to mate with the engine air intake and throttle body.

I mounted the unit at the end of the long, angled tube before the corrugated flexible coupling to the engine. This would be about 150mm before the main engine intake body. That took about five minutes and I am 63! I did it while my wife was getting afternoon tea.

I had read all of your documents and thought that I wouldn’t take much notice until after I had done over 100kms. Well, after we had our coffee etc, I said I would take the car for a small run, not expecting anything at this stage. So I went around an area where I could get up to 80kph and did 15kms.

Well I was surprised in my own quiet street when I went off. I used the normal amount of pedal as I had been using for years in our quiet area, but suddenly had to back off. During my little jaunt, I was a bit amazed at the difference of power I got out of my old V6.

As far as fuel consumption is concerned, I have some records and will be interested to see if there is any difference in performance.


John M.

VS Commodore

On the 24th July last I phoned you, ordered one of your Hiclones. Well I must say from the first time I started the motor on my VS Commodore I could hear the difference.

As I was reading through all that you sent me, I can fit another Hiclone beside the other one. So why not. Also I can fit a Supermax so why not.

John R.

1999 VT Commodore V6

I recently fitted the Hiclone device to my ’99’ VT auto Commodore. Before fitting the Hiclone the fuel consumption was app 24mpg city, 38mpg highway. I then had the computer slightly modified which improved the economy to app 25.5 city, 41mpg highway.

With the Hiclone fitted the car went from Cairns to Adelaide return and the fuel economy went to my surprise 6L/100km which is just on 47mpg highway at speeds of 110-120kph plus. The city economy didn’t change much from 25.5mpg.

The full tank gave me a range of 1180kms confirmed by the on-board computer readout. The passing and hill climbing ability was also improved.

To finish I am very pleased with the Hiclone and would recommend it to any one wishing to get better performance from their vehicle.

Ivan L.

1998 VT Commodore V6

First I’d like to say that the Hiclone is working fantastic. A bit too well for the computer can not accurately report the km’s to empty. It’s seams to have outstanding fuel efficiency with a 3Hp increase dyno result at the back wheels. 1998 VT commodore. Stock. from 11.2l \ 100km to 8.6 l \ 100km for highway driving.

Even city driving is improved. No results as yet. Very impressed. Amazed. Rodeo 2.6 litre EFI 1989; Quote from phone conversation “It has at least a gear better. I can go up hills in overdrive where I used to have to change down.

Chris J.

Commodore V6

I’m a retired mechanic and I fitted two Hiclones and 6x Pulstar spark plugs to my V6 Commodore sedan and achieved between 5 to 7 liters per 100 Klm. (42-60 mpg) depending on driving conditions and I get at least 1000 Klm. per tank of fuel plus the added bonus of increased power and torque so well worth the initial investment.

Stephen M.

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Honda Civic

With my Civic using ONE Hiclone (75mm) at the filter end.
The initial fuel trial was inconclusive it seems the driver loves to drive the car harder at full throttle position. The Hiclone does improve the power especially at down low. I was able to advance the base ignition timing by another 1mm. eg 17 degrees/18 region in conjunction with New Motul 5-40w oil.

The fuel trial was even more impressive, bear in mind that my 1800 Vtec has a racing chip to it and it meant to use more fuel at full throttle position. The final fuel trial was 265km/20.7 litre = 12.8km/litre that’s improved from 11.2km to 12.8km per litre = 14.3% improvement.

Regardless, whether I use the new oil or not the fuel consumption prior to Hiclone was always around 11-11.2 km per litre. So the Hiclone has improved it not only fuel but at the same time More Power. eg 0-100 time went down by another 0.2/3 sec. Thanks again.

Kirk T.

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Santa Fe

To whom it may concern,

I would like to let you know I believe the Hiclone is probably the best fuel saving device I have tried, and I have tried a few..

I have recently taken a 65mm from a Hyundai Sante Fe, and estimated saving of 1.7 to 2 litres @ 100km, I have since put it into a Hyundai Terracan CRDi, the book says 10.5 litres @ 100kms, I am averaging early to mid 9’s, I have also fitted 1 to an EB Falcon sedan, approx saving 3 litres @ 100 and a LPG EB Falcon, with an estimated extra range of 85km a tank, light to light, we are looking at fitting to our entire fleet of vehicles, Ford Falcon 1t, Holden Rodeo and Toyota Hilux Petrol (new model), in all some 150 vehicles.

Could you please let me know what size Hiclone would be required for the pre turbo intake on the Hyundai CRDi, I will estimate a 65mm, there is already a 65mm fitted post intercooler.

Steve S.

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Kia Spectra 2003

Just thought I would bring you up to date on how unit is functioning.

  • My car: – 2003 Kia Spectra 1800cc – 18,000 Klms on clock.
  • Prior to fitting unit:- 10 litres per 100 Klms using premium unleaded.
  • After fitting unit (at air cleaner end of hose) 8 litres per 100 Klms using standard unleaded.

Power output greatly increased – now more like, at least, a 2 litre engine under bonnet. This is after 2 tanks of fuel (a total of about 900 Klms). Engine idling more smoothly. Unit has been fitted less than a month ago and am now saving better than $10.00 per tank (tank size 50 litres – average fill 40 litres). Saving is because of better MPG and saving in difference of price of unleaded and premium unleaded (about 5 cents per litre). Can highly recommend your product to anyone and have even mentioned it to friends in Canada as they drive gas guzzlers.

Caroline H.

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Some interim feedback as promised regarding the installation of a Hiclone into my V8 Landrover Discovery.

  • The installation was simple and only required a gentle amount of force using a rag to protect the fingers to push the device into position. 10 minutes in total.
  • Impressions. The car runs smoother at idle. The off idle to 70kph performance is very marked. Lighter throttle and no ‘lag’ when applying light acceleration. Very noticeable! Hard acceleration does not display a significant change. (Wasn’t expecting one) 70kph steady throttle up a long hill used every night of the week showed a marked improvement in performance. Lighter throttle and vehicle holds taller gear with less throttle. Must be a change in fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel Economy Facts (before/after) City 15mpg/17mpg = 13.5% improvement (peak hour traffic. stop start mainly 1 person up) Country 19.45mpg/22.1mpg = 14% improvement (110kph highway and some city cycle, 5 persons in total for entire trip)

I am pretty happy with these figures.

Follow Up: Well I think my 30 days might be up and no I have no interest in sending back the Hiclone. It really does work. I have referred a couple of people to you direct so good luck!

Harry L.

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Mazda 929 1988

I’m wrapped with this product, giving it a thorough test it went from 25.33 MPG to 33.74 MPG.

Mary R.

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Mitsubishi Magna

I am pleased to say that the improvement to my take off from a standing start was absolutely astounding, in the first month I have gained an improvement of 25% on LPG and petrol.

I’m especially please and thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I’ve bee telling other drivers of it’s quality and savings.

Wal T. NSW


Pajero Turbo Diesel 2.5 4cyl

Pajero has gained 4.3% in fuel consumption and has gained a very good amount of performance and the pull-up of the turbo has been noticeable. Grunt from 80-100km is better and hanging on to a hill climb is noticeably better. The diesel fueling, ie black smoking is improved and it just purrs along at 120km. Of interest on run of 700km mostly across town on free running motorways and city roads a 13% gain in economy was achieved so I would say that the potential is available for some good results.

The customer then got a 2.8 ltr Diesel Pajero

I thought you would like to hear that I fitted the Hiclones and Supermax to the new 2.8 and went for a squirt. I live close to a set of hills that I have run a few vehicles up in the last week or so when choosing the Pajero over a Nissan Patrol or an Isuzu – damn excellent test hill. I decided on another Pajero on creature comforts but mostly performance as it out grunted the rest of them up the hill. Anyway with 25km run time I was back at the hill. You can feel the grunt even in that short distance and the hill performance was even better pulling harder from 90 – 110km/hr. Pretty impressed I was. Will keep an eye on the economy but hey it diesel so what the hell. How are fuel prices doing over the ditch – we just got hit with a 6c/l price rise?

Eric B.


The latest addition to my Pajero has been a Hiclone air management device. After seeing so many ads and a test feature in a 4wd magazine, I thought I might give it a go. When I contacted the company selling these devices, they were very helpful with detailed information on their product. They even offered a 60 day trial as I stated that commuting was limited to only a hundred or so kilometers a week.

Once installed, I was a little disappointed that my fuel consumption went up (from 15L/100km to 16.5L/100km) for about 800km. After about 30 days, it dropped dramatically to 13L/100km with fuel consumption now around the 12.5L/100km mark with normal driving.

That has seen the vehicles range from 700km to 975km before the fuel light comes on, with another 150km (that is as far as I’m game enough to go) before I need to fill the tank.

Maximum range so far has been 1100km. I am more than happy with the product as I am now traveling 900kms a week. The savings made from the reduced amount of fuel used has paid for the Hiclone a couple of times over.

Ken H.


Thank you for your incredible Hiclone product. Along with a definite increase in power, I have seen an 8% increase of fuel economy in my Pajero. That would have to be the simplest and cheapest gains I have ever come across.

John T.

Magna 1993 2.6ltr EFI

I must say I am happy with the performance of the Hiclone. My fuel economy testing was not all that exact but there is a definite trend in the results: All my driving over the test was around town (speed never over 70kms).

Refills were every fortnight. Mitsubishi Magna 1993 2.6 EFi Consumption Fortnight prior to install 8.9km/L 1st 8.5km/L 2nd 9.33km/L 3rd 9.16km/L 4th 9.66km/L 8.5% gain Can I expect to find further improvements or is that about the level that will be sustained? (I’d love to crack the 10km/L).

Kris H.

Pajero Tdi 2014

Thanks for your great service John, again you make it so easy to deal with you. Keep it up Mate, talk again soon.

This will be my 3rd set of Hiclones and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

All the best

Ashley R.

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Patrol 4.2ltr Diesel

Please find enclosed a letter I feel compelled to write in regards to the increased performance of my 1995 4.2l Diesel Nissan Patrol.

Around 8 months ago I saw your ad for Hiclone and the amazing claims of increased power and better fuel consumption. After procrastinating and also seeing the ad several more times, I decided to call and order a Hiclone unit. I was indeed pleased and surprised to receive the unit two days later, and after following the easy to read instructions, proceeded to install a unit.

At first I was a little disappointed in the lack of extra power but noticed around an extra 40 to 50 klms (8-11% better) in fuel consumption out of every tank. After about 500 klms of use the increase in power was evident. I found that when towing my boat (19ft fiberglass Southwind) the actual acceleration and mid to top speed was much better. I also found that the truck started to rev smoother and was slightly quieter.

When I received the Hiclone I found a brochure enclosed on the K&N air filters. At the time I wasn’t ready for a new air filter. I had still found the reading material of interest as I had been told of increased performance through other foam makes and never really heard of K&N. The claims made by K&N were hard to believe but made my ears prick up.

I had to find out more and decided to ask a few mechanics that I know. Both told me that they had one of the best names in Air Filters and were used by many first class racing teams around the world. That was it! After ringing around and finding out that the price quoted by you was indeed competitive, I rang and ordered one. As before, two days later it was on my doorstep and about 5 minutes later in the truck.

The difference was even better again! The truck was quieter, it was revving smoother, had more get up and go and gave me an extra 20-30 klms out of every tank. OH WHAT A FEELING!!!!

Hiclone and K&N together have made this diesel run like a petrol! After letting my father in law (who is conservative of big claims at the best of times and has a 92 4.2l diesel patrol ute) have a drive and feel the difference, he decided to get the same package! He is also happy as a pig in s___t!!

Thank you once more for some great products that actual do what they promise. Please send me any more info you have on any other fuel or performance enhancing devises that you may come across, and feel free to refer this letter to any one who may be doubtful.

Mark W

Patrol 2.8ltr Turbo Diesel

Well, I told you that you would hear from me regardless of how I found the Hiclone. I have now used 2 tanks of diesel in my Nissan Patrol Turbo and as I said before I have always run from a full tank to the low fuel warning light coming on each time since the car was new so have a very good idea what distance I should expect from a fill up, which has always been between 630 and 670klm’s. I filled the tank straight after fitting the 2x Hiclones and was waiting for the low fuel light at the usual time although I knew from the gauge that things were looking good.

Well, it finally came on at 805 Klm’s, but wait, there’s more, the second tank gave me 812 Klm’s. Use of the car was normal in every aspect and I was not driving for economy, maintaining the speed limit as usual.

The low to mid range power has noticeably improved and the turbo begins to come in about 800 rpm lower. In fact the engine is willing to pull from below idle speed in 2nd gear.

I have always been a bit disappointed in the lack of flexibility in the engine and changed to a lower gear often just to get the turbo delivering power but the range of usable torque now is very pleasing. A good product, not a gimmick.

A good product, not a gimmick.

Peter C.

Pathfinder 1997

1997 Nissan Pathfinder Average of 3 trips Sydney to Cooma 21.3MPG (13.3lt/100 km) With Hiclone same trip 25.24MPG (11.2lt/100 km) Increase 19.24%!!! HOORAY!!!

Garry B.

Navara, 2.7 ltr diesel

I recently installed a Hiclone into my Nissan Navara (2.7L Diesel) and am very impressed with the result. While moving house I was using a full tank of diesel on a daily basis, making the journey to our new home, loaded with plants, tools etc.

After 2 trips I installed the Hiclone and found that after subsequent trips with a full load, I still had diesel left in the tank. I cannot be specific with the amount of litres saved but there was a definite decline in the amount of fuel used.

As the cost of diesel is now considerably higher than when I first purchased the vehicle, I am more than happy about installing the Hiclone and would recommend it to anyone with a similar vehicle.

James M.

1993 GQ Patrol 4.2 EFI Petrol with 2 Hiclones

If the performance of the product is as good as the service I’ll be impressed. The KI-68 fitted in well, it’s only about 120mm from the throttle body but seem to be working well. Indications so far is definite increase in power.

So far so good, I hope fuel consumption is as impressive as power increase.

Len G.

1998 Patrol 2.8 litre turbo diesel with intercooler

I’m getting about 2 ltr. per hundred kilometers better.


Stan C.

Patrol Petrol RB30 1995

Thanks for your help today – I got a friend to look at the offending piece of plastic and he thought it may be part of an auto choke – used to divert extra fuel back into the top of the air intake, but we both thought it wouldn’t hurt for it to not be there, as the Hiclone fins will have a similar effect.

After installing the unit at home I was amazed at the immediately noticeable increase in power – more noticeable than when I replaced the exhaust manifold with extractors.

Previously we had to change between 3rd and 4th around town (50-60 km/h), now we can stay in 4th. The engine also runs smoother except when idling, but hopefully it will idle more smoothly once it has de-coked the engine.

I’ll start the fuel economy test tomorrow, but I’ve already noticed that the accelerator doesn’t need to be pushed down as far to maintain 100 km/h on the highway.

David O.

1993 Bluebird, 2.4ltr

In November 1999, I purchased a Hiclone to suit my wife’s 1993 Nissan Bluebird (2.4Ltr 4Cyl). After it was installed the difference was immediately noticeable by both of us. For me the big improvement was at the high load/low engine RPM situation. He explains about stalling problems, perhaps it was getting the amount of air it truly required. Whatever the reason, I wasn’t stalling at the lights any more, certainly saved me the frustration and embarrassment!!

A month later, after a noticeable improvement in the Bluebird’s fuel economy to, I installed a Hiclone to the Pathfinder (1995 3.0Ltr V6). The change on the Pathfinder wasn’t as evident as on the Bluebird but was still there.

Once again, low down the engine seem to have found new torque. Towing and general city driving became much more enjoyable.

Ahmed F.

GQ Patrol 4.2 Diesel

Thank you for your reply to my query re Hiclone. I fitted a KI-63 unit to my vehicle on 22 December, and attach the following for your information.

Vehicle appears to be smoother at idle. Estimated increase in power/performance 10% Marginal improvement in fuel economy – 1/1.5mpg currently indicated. This figure was calculated over 630km of city and freeway driving after installing the unit, I have not as yet had the opportunity to carry out a long distance country check.

At this stage I am optimistic that the economy may improve with further driving.

Steve G.


Navara Diesel 4WD

Being in the motor trade for the past 22 years I seen so called Power Boosting Devices come and go (99.9%) Do Not Work so I was a bit skeptical when offered a Hiclone by John Riley, but having known him for some years I tried one and I am glad I did.

The power out put has increased some 10-15%, the motor idles smoother, even with the Air Conditioning on and there is a definite increase in acceleration response when over taking.

Over all I’m very impressed with the Hiclone and would recommend it to any one with a Diesel Navara.

John E.

John E. Auto’s
Member M.A.T.Q.

Patrol GQ Diesel 4.2lt

Initially skeptical, I noticed an immediate power increase at higher revs. Fuel consumption fell from around 12L (already reasonable) to nearly 10L per 100km, which is a saving of over 15%. There has also been a dramatic reduction in the exhaust emissions.

Adam H.

Patrol 4.2lt Diesel

While visiting Perth  I had a “Hiclone” fitted to my Patrol. I still have this patrol and have done approx 50 thousand kilometers since that time, 30 thousand of these towing a caravan.

I have been on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland for the last couple of years traveling without a caravan, I am getting over 10 kilometers per litre.

I am a converted user of this “Hiclone” system and tell every person who is interested all about the great performance I have experienced since having it fitted.

Ron W.

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Hi John,

After installing the Hiclone, my 98 Proton Satria Xli 1.6 (which I only feed BP Ultimate and Castrol Magnatec) has improved from 11.4km/l to 13km/l in the city. This means I can now travel 546km (an improvement of 67km) before the fuel light comes on. Also, the car had a very minor but annoying flat spot just after idle, but this is now gone.

Thanks Guys

Ashley H.

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Power Station Natural Gas Generators

Power Station Natural Gas Generators

Dear Sir,

I thought you would be interested in a trial that we have conducted on our 1000kw natural gas generators.

The trial started out at our Carnarvon power station nearly six years ago in the hope of a reduction in the consumption of diesel fuel. It became apparent to us almost immediately via our fuel metering instrumentation that the installation of the Hiclone device was providing a reduction in diesel fuel consumption of about 8%. This is a considerable saving when you consider that the duty of a power station is 24/7.

Following this improvement in fuel consumption Hiclone, was fitted to all seven-generator prime movers. You may also be interested that the seven 250kw 6 cylinder diesel engines operating at this site have well exceeded 30,000 hours without having to replace any major engine components. This includes turbos and cylinder heads.

In 1999 Gascoyne Power purchased five 1000kw V16 natural gas low emission generators engines. The fuel for these engines is very much unprocessed, and therefore can be consumed by the engines in various consistencies such as varying heating values and percent methane. The effects of the changing fuel can be prevented by consistent tuning, however this many not always be possible as sudden changed may be unnoticed or the generators may pick up or drop load (kw’s) in turn altering the optimum tuning for a given load.

As a result of varying fuel, load and tune the cylinder head and exhaust temperatures can rise to levels that can burn valves and turbo’s unexpectedly, potentially leading to further engine damage.

In February 2004 we installed a Hiclone into our lead engine (No 5) as a means of providing a better mixture and reducing detonation. This engine is approaching 38,000 hours.

Throughout the course of a year we would expect to change about eight cylinder heads, due to either to progression of valve recession of burnt valves.

We thought it would be of interest to you to know that we have yet to touch a turbo or head on engine No 5 since installing the Hiclone device. This reflects an enormous saving in man-hours and engine down time.

So from the trial that we have conducted over the last fifteen months we believe there is a very strong evidence that the Hiclone device not only offers an improvement in fuel consumption, but long term mechanical benefits and subsequently will be fitted to the remaining four engines.

Regards, Manson L. Supervisor, Gascoyne Power

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Pulstar Spark Plugs

Harley 2010 FLHTC

I have converted all my riding buddies to Pulstar’s

Thanks, I love the ones in my 2010 flhtc so much I have converted all my riding buddies to Pulstar’s in their bikes the opinion is all they same WOW!!! Just thought you would like to know.

Karl Moser
Conway SC

BMW R1200 GS 2008

The transformation was simply remarkable

I have been riding and racing motorcycles for 50 years and currently perform most of my own service on my 2008 BMW R1200 GS. After installing the Pulstar spark plugs (two per cylinder) I rode for about 200 miles. The transformation was simply remarkable – no misses at any load and rpm, no hesitation, improved response and power (seat-of-the-pants), improved smoothness, and no surging at all (my GS never did surge with the stock plugs). Fuel mileage seems to be improved as well, but needs more time for testing. The only open item will be the duration of these plugs in a horizontally opposed twin that tends to vibrate, although the motor runs much smoother than before at all RPM.

Although you do not spec plugs for the R1200 engine, I highly recommend using the Pulstar spark plugs in BMW bikes that use this motor. While you may not be able to officially endorse my recommendation, other BMW owners should benefit by using Pulstar plugs and need to know.

Thank you for developing a great product that works.
Edward Lauffer

Nissan 350Z 2006

The car roared back to life

I installed 6 Pulstar Spark plugs in my 2006 Nissan 350Z . The car roared back to life. I had 38,000 miles running NGK R’s and wanted a performance plug to go with the other mod’s on car. I have berk high flow cats, Bassani dual exhaust, K&N typhoon intake , Royal Purple oils, Lucas super coolant and Pulstar Spark Plugs. I am so pleased with your product that I’m requesting posters and decals for the Man Cave. I would like for all that enter my garage know I support your fine product. Kudos and keep up the great work.

Marty Cain

Chrysler 300C 2005

The stumble is gone and acceleration is much better

From the day I purchased my Chrysler 2005 300C it has stumbled during full throttle acceleration at every shift points. At 130,000 miles I just installed Pulstar spark plugs and found that the stumble is gone and acceleration is much better. I only have 130 miles so I haven’t checked the mileage yet, but expect it to improve.

Richard F. Koch

Harley 1985

I have soooo much more throttle response and torque, its unbelievable.

I put the plugs in my 1985 Harley with a bone stock engine except for the carby which I have had for years, and man, these puppies are HOT!!

I have soooo much more throttle response and torque, its unbelievable. I believe, although I don’t actually check this accurately, I get way more miles out of a tank of gas than I did before. When tooling along the slab at 70, it is so easy to pass a car and quick also, the increase in response, horsepower, and torque at that speed was never there before I put in these plugs.

I wanted to wait til I had many miles on the bike with these puppies before I gave you a report. Man, why don’t you market these to bikers. We are always trying to squeak more power out of our bikes. Sorry for going on about this. Thanks for the plugs and thanks for making my old, stock bike perform like a young souped up kid.

John Fruehling

Harley Ultra Classic 2003

A 6HP and 6 torque gain just changing the plugs

I’d like to tell you that your plugs do what you say they will do…I just had work done to my bike a 2003 Ultra Classic, the dyno runs came out with 104HP and 107 torque…after I put in your plugs and ran the dyno again it cam out with 110 HP and 113 torque. That’s a 6HP and 6 torque gain, outstanding just changing the plugs…keep up the good work!

Thanks Again
Ron Direnzo

Harley VROD

What I experienced during the first few miles was just mind-blowing

When I heard from a friend last year about a new and exciting technology that would help save fuel while increasing torque and horsepower in a car or motorcycle, I first started laughing. Particularly when he referred to a new and revolutionary type of spark plug that’s already available in the market, I become very skeptical.

Why the heck should I not already have the best spark plugs in my Harley-Davidson VROD, the fastest cruiser on earth with an engine from Porsche Engineering?

Well, it must have been my friend’s ability and personal experience with Pulstar Plugs in his own vehicles and my never ending curiosity that caused me to check them out in my VROD.

So, I got myself a set of Pulstar spark plugs and had them installed by a technician at the Harley-Davidson Dealership in Naples, FL. When I picked up my bike, I was still very concerned and the first question to the technician was if he had experienced any trouble during the installation or noticed any unusual noise. “I noticed immediately that the engine is now running much smoother than with the original plugs. This is really interesting! Let me know how it goes,” he responded.

When I got on my bike, wow, what a difference! Yeah, the technician was right! From the very first moment I started the engine, I felt and heard a big difference. Less vibrations and a smoother running engine! That was great! But now, let’s check if there is any difference in performance. What I experienced during the first few miles was just mind-blowing. Acceleration has always been great and fully satisfactory, but with Pulstar, it even kicked it up a notch! Oh my god, what a feeling! The slightest movement on the throttle, and it would react immediately and without any delay! It just wants you to go and go further and further. Folks, this is really dangerous for riders without good discipline. You need to push yourself really hard and get back to regular driving habits if you don’t want to get into trouble with the people dressed in black uniforms.

Now, I love my VROD even more and would never ever exchange the Pulstar plugs for any other technology again. Thanks so much to my friend and the genius inventor of this great technology!

Pulstar will give more power/torque and better fuel efficiency Order Online

Commadore V6 VT

I’m a retired mechanic and I fitted two Hiclones and 6x Pulstar spark plugs to my V6 Commodore sedan and achieved between 5 to 7 liters per 100 Klm. (42-60 mpg) depending on driving conditions and I get at least 1000 Klm. per tank of fuel plus the added bonus of increased power and torque so well worth the initial investment.

Stephen M.

Hiclone for Power & Economy * Order 2x or more online & get a 10% Discount Order Online



Snorkel Applications - 2.8 ltr Toyota Hilux

We drove from Perth to Cairns with 2 Hiclones in our Hilux 2.8 diesel, we were very impressed with the improved performance & around 19% better fuel economy.

In Cairns we fitted a third Hiclone into the top of the snorkel, having a long range tank (120 lts) we were surprised to find we had gained a further 120 km out of the tank, as you can imagine we are very pleased with the Hiclone units.

Email from client trying Hiclone in a top of the snorkel:

John The 75mm fitted OK, I think 76mm would be “perfect”, but then again, it could be too tight. Please send the 75mm back and I’ll use it – I’ve already tried it and noticed the difference – fitted inside the top part of a Safari Snorkel once the Air Ram at top was removed.

Pete Y.

Hiclone for Power & Economy * Order 2x or more online & get a 10% Discount Order Online



2005 model 4.7 V8 Auto Landcruiser (lightly loaded)

I have a 96ltr main fuel tank and a 45ltr sub-tank. I always start my trips with full tanks and always use the main tank first. Generally, I have enough fuel in the main tank to complete the return trip, although the fuel gauge is right on the “E” for empty.

On my last trip to Broulee the traffic flow and density was as usual, but I also took a diversion on the trip down which added another 30 klms to the overall trip. Also, I left Broulee for the return trip to Wollongong at 2pm, and encountered two road works delays, a 20 minute low gear slow traffic progression through Nowra caused by a vehicle crash, and heavier traffic flow at that time of day for the remainder of the trip between Nowra and Wollongong.

Amazingly, even after the traffic delays, heavier traffic flow, and the extra 30 klms on this trip I was able to complete the whole trip using only the main tank, but the astounding thing was that the main tank was only three quarters empty. Considering the circumstances I saved somewhere between 25% – 30% on fuel.

Now I know why you offer a 100% money back guarantee on the Hiclone units…They work! Please feel free to use my testimonial for others to benefit from the Hiclone.

Richard F.

Toyota Prado V6 GLX Auto

I have fitted the Hiclone and also a K & N filter. I run this car on Vortex fuel. After 400kms, I have carried out a fuel usage test.

The engine is going very well and has become more responsive around town and in traffic. * Best highway fuel usage before Hiclone and K & N filter = 12.7 L/100kms. * Best highway fuel usage after Hiclone and K & N filter = 9.86 L/kms.

This is in a 4 litre V6, 5 speed auto GXL Prado. this is cruising at 100km/h, with two adults and my baby girl, on the same driving style and same temps, each test.

Robert R.

Toyota Corolla 2003 1.8 v v t i

With the new Toyota Corolla (2003 model) 1.8 VVTi stock, being an automatic, it does average 10 km/litre in city. After installed with one 63mm Hiclone at the filter end.

The fuel consumption trial was conducted over last 2 weeks and the result has proven and rather “impressive” as said by my father. the fuel usage went down to 14km/litre that’s 40% improvement. NO BULL

John F.

Landcruiser 1HZ Diesel (4x4 Magazine independent test)

December edition of 4X4 magazine conducted an independent test on a 80 series, HZ diesel. Without Hiclone economy was 13.15L/100km.

Installing one Hiclone lowered the economy by 17% to 10.91L/100km With two Hiclones economy lowered by 23.5% to 10.05L/100km.

(4×4 Magazine independent test)

Landcruiser 4.5ltr petrol

I bought a Hiclone 6 months ago and it has made a huge difference. I have a 1995 Landcruiser 4.5lt petrol. I use to only get about 700km out of my 145lt tank.

Now I am good for 800km. Very impressed and have told my friends about it. I now would like to know the price for a K&N Filter for my vehicle.


Eddie J.

Prado V6 3.4ltr EFI

I recently bought both the Supermax and the Hiclone from you. I immediately felt a noticeable increase in power which was quite refreshing.

I haven’t either product on long enough yet to see what sort of mileage I am now getting but I’m sure I will see some benefits.

Zac B.


You can keep the money, I’ll hang on to the Hiclones, improvements were felt, bloody amazing something so simple makes a difference!! My Landcruiser is running sweet as.

David H.

Landcruiser 80 series

After buying the Hiclone I would like to buy the Supermax part for my Landcruiser 80’s I read the brochure about the reduced fuel economy and emissions but would like to know if it gives a little power increase.

About Hiclone On my 94 model cruiser I got more range, the easy cold starts – but hill climbing there was no difference in power.

I do a lot of big bush runs and fuel economy is the main thing – my 4wd with its air snorkel had a range of 905km on 145.L/D – now that range 1,280 on a tank. 41% improvement Now that’s where I’m impressed.

Harry C.

Prado V6

You can’t have it back! In the February edition of “4X4 Australia” I read a glowing report of the Hiclone which was written by a more than satisfied customer of yours, Mr John Kent of Frankston Vic.

By that time I had already traveled 400km with “my new gadget” fitted. Having been more than skeptical in the beginning I now can report, that the fuel consumption, after a total of 870km has come down from an average of 14.7L/100km to 12.5L/100km!

Stan M.

Hiclone for Power & Economy * Order 2x or more online & get a 10% Discount Order Online


Company Vehicles Petrol and Diesel

Good afternoon John,

We at Haden engineering would like to thank you for your assistance with the fitment and tests of the Hiclone to several of our vehicle, the test are almost complete and the results to date have given us enough information to fit out our entire fleet of vehicles in W.A.

We have the Hiclone fitted to various vehicles in the fleet, petrol, diesel and LPG, the best return was on the diesel. Hyundai Terrecan CRDi, and a Landrover TD5 discovery, both have given better than a 10% fuel saving, very little to no smoke discharge, and the tailpipes are clean, no soot build up, both are smoother and crisper under acceleration no flat spot to talk of from turbo lag…

The other vehicles fitted up where the new Toyota Hilux 4ltr V16 petrol, we purchased 3 vehicles and only fitted the Hiclone to 2 of them, there is a marked difference in the performance of these vehicles, the vehicles that have been fitted With the Hiclone are returning an average saving of 1 to 1.5ltrs per 100km better, the tailpipes are clean, so the vehicles are running much cleaner and more efficient.

We have also fitted up to both Ford AU and BA Utes, some of the fuel savings have gone from 16 to 13ltrs per 100km, these are service vehicles with ladders on top, and full of tools and parts, these vehicles run on both LPG and Petrol, the saving on LPG is good, about 7%, but the saving on petrol is fantastic, both of the new Holden Commodores, one fitted about 1 to 1.2ltrs better per 100km, all up we would be estimating a fuel saving over our fleet of vehicles over 12 month period of approx $12500.00.

This saving is only for the Perth based fleet, nationally we estimate a saving of approx $250000.00 per year. Being in the Air conditioning industry, we know what damage is being done to the environment, and anything we can do to protect the environment, has got to be good for us all.

We would like to thank you again for assistance, and look forward to future business.

Regards Steve S.

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Outboard & Racing

Outboards - Twin 35HP Two Stroke Motors

Fitted two Supermax: Peter rang as he had corrosion problems with the Supermax in the salt air environment, I offered to refund his money but he said he did not want a refund but he wanted two new Supermax which he was going to pack in lanolin grease to stop them corroding.

I then asked him how they were going and this is his reply. I am a mackerel fisherman and on average I use about 60ltrs per day. Originally I was averaging around 1 mile per litre after the Supermax had cleaned the motor I was then averaging about 1.5 miles per litre.

On average I change my motors every 1000 hours but I am now up to 1500 hours and still going. After idling around trolling, normally when you open her up there is a lot of smoke, that smoke has decreased about 70 per cent.

Peter said it would be OK for any other fisherman to call him if they want a first hand appraisal of the Supermax.

William P.

Hiclone for Power & Economy * Order 2x or more online & get a 10% Discount Order Online

Racing Applications - Nissan Patrol Turbo Diesel two Hiclones

Thank you for your support of the Australian team in our Rainforest Challenge debut. We won !!!

I’ll send you some pictures as soon as possible. We arrive home Monday 13th December with the trophy. There were 23 countries involved in this years event with the greatest media crews ever, 3 film crews and around 10 photographers representing magazines all over the world.

Our final score was around 1140 verses 960 for second place, so we pulled out to quite a big lead by the end considering we started 31st out of 39 vehicles. I am getting a copy sent to me of the actual final results/points.

We’ll be competing in the ‘Extreme 4WD Challenge’ in Queensland, at Landcruiser park at the end of January, so maybe we can meet up for a beer then.

Dave S.

Hiclone for Power & Economy * Order 2x or more online & get a 10% Discount Order Online

Magazine Articles

Street Commodore Magazine V6

May, 1997 on Commodore VR V6

You came across some unusual devices that claim to increase power, but this funny little ring “Hiclone” actually works! Godfrey Town reports.

It sounds like science fiction. You grab a shiny metal ring which has got a whole lot of vanes mounted in it. You undo the hose clamp of the intake duct straight after the air cleaner, insert the device the right way around, and the do up the clamp again. You’ve just gained four hp at the back wheels – probably a bit over five at the flywheel! So what the hell is the story?

Dyno Testing
Anyone who tells you that dyno testing is straight forward hasn’t done any testing. Even with the temperature correction probe in the air cleaner box inlet, Consecutive dyno runs usually vary. In fact, over four runs it’s not at all uncommon to see peak power variations of five per cent. To prevent false results clouding the issue, We averaged the power curve from both ramping upwards an downwards – something I’ve not seen other people using the same brand dyno bother to do. (This takes into account the rolling inertia of the dyno itself.) And secondly we keep pulling power runs until the curves draw over themselves – the power being stabilised as much as possible.

Without the Hiclone in place the power curve stabilised at 115hp at the rear wheels. Incidentally that shows how strong a engine the standard V6 with extractors and an exhaust really is! But, while the standard engine’s peak hp figure was 115, one pull resulted in a 121hp peak! See how easy it is to rig the results?

With the Hiclone in place the first run gave a peak of 117hp (2 up over standard), before the power stabilised at 119hp. 119hp is four more rear wheel horsies than standard and assuming a conservative 23 per cent drive train loss is just over five hp at the engine.

The power gain started from 80 km/h in second gear and remained a consistent three-four hp from there up. Ken was driving his car on the rollers. Leon was averaging the ramp-up and ramp-down graphs on the computer screen. I was looking incredulously at the screen – a power gain from that tiny little thing!!?

On this VR Commodore, standard but for extractors and a 2.5 inch exhaust, the correctly-mounted Hiclone gave a peak power improvement of 3.5 per cent, without losing any power lower in the rev range. The Hiclone cost $175 fitted, which works out to about $35 per horsepower. The Makers also claim improvements in fuel consumption, emissions and engine smoothness.

Godfrey Town. Street Commodore Magazine

Hiclone for Power & Economy * Order 2x or more online & get a 10% Discount Order Online


Troopy HZJ75

Hi John,
We recently purchased two Hiclones for our 1994 Toyota Landcruiser Troopy HZJ75.
We wish to advise that we are extremely happy with the results as we have gained approx. 20 horsepower and the motor feels more alive driving and towing the caravan.

Denise H.

Grey Nomad Fuel Prices helped,reduce car petrol costs.

Landcruiser 1HZ to have 2x or 3x Hiclones to be installed for increased performance and fuel efficiency. Fuel Prices: Hiclone Fuel Saver will improve your fuel economy.

Landcruiser 100 series 4.7lt

18/06/2020 8:18:27 PM
Subject: testimonial
Hi John,
             This is the first testimonial I have ever given on a product, mainly because the advertised claims usually fall short of reality. However after 5 months of use in my dual fuel UZJ100R 4.7 litre Landcruiser I would have to say that the fuel saving on gas and petrol is around 15-20%.  The engine at 400 000ks has never sounded sweeter.
Kind regards
David M

             No matter what vehicle you drive have a safe and happy journey.

**Please note: We no longer have the 1800 Number, please call 04 3863 9594 for more information or to order. Thank you.

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