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Hiclon for more power and better fuel ecconomy

Hiclone is a simple maintenance free device, they fits in the air induction pipe on Efi, turbo, LPG or diesel engines and inside the air filter housing of a carburetor vehicle. They’re made from laser cut, high pressure spot welded stainless steel and are handmade with “no moving parts” it’s maintenance free and will last a lifetime, just fit and forget. Hiclone has an unconditional 120 day 100% money back guarantee.

**$20 price reduction due to bulk purchase.

Received: 18/06/2019
Subject: testimonial
Hi John,
             This is the first testimonial I have ever given on a product, mainly because the advertised claims usually fall far short of reality. However after 5 months of use in my dual fuel UZJ100R 4.7Lt Landcruiser I would have to say that the fuel saving on gas and petrol is around 15-20% unladen. I must say it took about 1000ks on each fuel to kick in. I tow a 2.5 tonne boat and a 1.5 tonne caravan and I would like to say I am saving there but I’m towing around 10 km faster with ease for the same consumption as previous. The engine at 400000Km has never sounded sweeter.
Kind regards
David M

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K&N air filters


K&N air filters allow up to 50% more air flow than the standard paper filters, the better your engine can breath the better it performs and gives you greater fuel economy, coupled with the Hiclones vortex effect that wants to and does suck more air in they work very well together, you’ll never buy another filter as they are washable and give you a 1.000.000 Mile warranty.

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Pulstar spark plugs

Pulstar Spark Plugs for a much bigger spark giving you more low down grunt and better Fuel Combustion.

Unfortunately these are unavailable at the moment. Pulstar spark plugs are a radical departure from spark plugs. Their physical dimensions are the same as spark plugs because they have to interface with the engine and ignition system just like spark plugs. But this is where the similarity ends.

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Supermax is a magnetic device that clips onto the fuel line of any petrol or diesel engine. It consists of a pair of precision made magnetic frequency resonators. These resonators are made of neodymium, a rare metal alloy used to make the world’s strongest compact conductors. Supermax has a 120 day money back guarantee.

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Oil filter magnet


Unfortunately these are unavailable at the moment Hiclone and the Oil filter magnet (OFM) will give a much longer engine life. The OFM is a powerful precision device that magnetizes the oil filters outer metal skin and effectively traps and removes virtually all micro-abrasive particles from the oil inside the filter.

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**Please note: We no longer have the 1800 Number, please call 04 3863 9594 for more information or to order. Thank you.

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