Northern Territory Hilux D4D gets better fuel combustion using Hiclone, up to  24% increase in power/torque. 24% better economy and 5-15%

Hiclone will save you money no matter what fuel you use.

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Old or new, car, 4×4, truck or bike we have a fuel saver to help you. We’ll give you more power and improve your fuel economy, guaranteed or your money back.

Over the last 34 years more than 50% of Hiclones sold to 4WD's have gone to Toyota's, because they work.

Try our fuel economy Calculator it will help you to work out the amount of petrol or diesel your using, it may surprise you.


Toyota Hilux D4D, get up to 24% better fuel efficiency, up to 15% more power with Hiclone.

Hilux old or new, petrol or diesel needs more power and better fuel economy, Hiclone will deliver it to you in spades and a 120-day money back guarantee.

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In the last 34 years more than 50% of Hiclones sold to 4WD's have been fitted to Toyota's.


26.12.2020:- Hi John, I've got a 2007 Diesel Hilux & have bought few Hiclone from you. Best investment ever, saved fuel & gives me more Torque. WOW so IMPRESSED.

Subject: Fuel economy using Hiclone
Hi John
Just to let you know that the fuel consumption on my 2007 bf falcon wagon 6cyl improved from 10.2lt per 100 k without Hiclone to 8.1lt per 100k with 3 Hiclone. Highway drive at 95k on cruise. Excellent
Thanks Graham W
Subject: Testimonial
Hi John,
             This is the first testimonial I have ever given on a product, mainly because the advertised claims usually fall short of reality. However after 5 months of use in my dual fuel UZJ100R 4.7 litre Landcruiser I would have to say that the fuel saving on gas and petrol is around 15-20%. The engine at 400,000km has never sounded sweeter.
Kind regards David M



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